What are Backlinks

What are Backlinks

In this post I will be discussing what are backlinks. The backlinks are incoming links/connections inbound from different websites referring back to a particular post of a blog or even website as a whole, usually as a secondary source of information. By clicking on the link/s, a particular line of online traffic is sent to the website being back linked over there.

Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts (Google, 2015)



What are Backlinks and and their effect on SEO

Backlinks aren’t everything in SEO, but search professionals attribute a large portion of the ‘search engines’ algorithms to link-related factors (Fishkin, 2015), so backlinks do have a major effect on SEO performance.

Search engine optimisation is the method of getting traffic from free, natural and organic search results on search engines. Backlinks are very significant for SEO & Search Engine Ranking which can lead to better traffic and website performance.


With the advancement in search engines, gone are those days when back linking by unorthodox means gave your site higher ranking in search results.  i.e., getting lots of link from websites with low or no value. Becaue now it can have a negative effect on the SERP’s. With advancement in Search engine algorithms, only links from authentic websites/blogs will give you value & higher ranking in search. These inbound links play a crucial part in the SEO.

What are Quality Backlinks

High quality backlinks are very important for SEO achievement but what are quality backlinks and how to get them more of them?

Quality Backlinks are those links which are built over time. These links are built through different methods like guest blogging and writing articles on highly rated websites, on site optimisation and creating quality content. Quality backlinks produce exposure and access to the website from different sources and secondly they help improving page ranking on search engines. Quality backlinks are imperative to SEO in light of the fact that they give an indication to the search engine bots about the vitality of the website. Higher the number of links you have more authoritative you are in your niche. Higher the authority better chances you will have to climb up on the google search ranking.

With the increase in quality backlinking, the site/blog will have a better chance of being indexed by Google, resulting in   increased traffic and increased recognition. Also, search engines like Google give great value to a website that has quality backlinks.

Numerous backlinks indicating to the site is similar to having a group of individuals gathering and pointing out to you in particular, thus getting you noticed. In the eyes of search engines every quality link is an endorsement.

The quality of backlinks is more important than sheer number. There should also be a logical connection between the post and the backlink it has given to your website. Search engine generally ignores disconnected and illogical back linking.

Each time a website backlinks to yours, it increases the value of your site. Inbound backlinks are links from third party websites directing traffic back to your website. e.g., Taste of Ireland is a food and restaurant guide in Ireland. They write reviews on different restaurants in Ireland. Taste of Ireland put the link of the restaurant which is reviewed on their website. Because taste of Ireland is a food related website, their link would become an authoritative link for the restaurant website they have reviewed.


If a website have genuine backlinks like mentioned above, google considers that website as being credible in the market. If the website is authoritative and invites lots of links from other authoritative website content, then Google and its search engine algorithms consider that site above others. It works towards the search engine optimisation and the result is higher ranking in related searches.

What are quality backlinks and how to build them?

Her are some methods of Building High Quality Backlinks suggested by slide share (slideshare.net, 2015)

 Posting/Guest Blogging in your Actual Market

Its a give and take rule. You won’t get until you give some. You have to be sincere with other bloggers for them to be sincere with you. This will develop genuine relationship between one another. By doing this you would be able to get contribution of good quality content on your blog. (Smarty, A. 2011)

guest blogging-backlinks-seo

Blogging strategy is a good way to build up  online portals providing links to the main website, e.g., food blogs relate to popular restaurant websites. Guest blogging is a related approach to get popular and recognized in your niche. You pick a blog, comment on it and include a link of your own in the post. Now and then you can create a helpful content, by allowing other bloggers to comment and thus creating buzz. It will help you to build relationships with them and eventually both can benefit by guest blogging on each other’s blog.

Building quality links isn’t easy, and it takes time. It depends on creating high quality content and link building a reputation for excellence in your chosen field. This encourages other website owners to link to you.

Authoritative linking characteristic requires sturdy relationship between other bloggers. Relationship building & networking can take time but it’s an effective approach to keep in touch with the individuals intended in linking with you as well.  One great way of interacting with bloggers of your niche is to visit their sites, comment useful info and carry on this practice. If they are present on social media interact with them, build relationship with them by linking back their work in your blog. Offer them to guest post on their website and vice versa. Networking and back linking goes hand in hand to build authority.

Social Bookmarking and Backlinks

Social bookmarking can introduce your website to people with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site and valuable backlinks. (Search Engine Journal, 2015)

Social bookmarking also gives you backlinks. Each bookmark you will put at a social bookmarking site will issue is a backlink to your website/blog. The more sites you bookmark, more backlinks you get. Social media sites are indexed as well depending on number of fans and followers.


Many sites don’t use follow links, it is important to distinguish between no follow and do follow links. Each website’s URL has a link of either no follow or do follow.

Lots of social media sites have no follow links. HTML codes on the sites tells search engines to ignore the link with no follow attribute. It’s imperative to focus just on those sites that permits do follow links.

Domain Authority

To most people, .edu and .gov are just another top level domain. But to SEOs, those three letters mean so much more (Patel & Deane, 2015).


There are different values of backlinks associated to the type of website. Top level domain (TLD) are .gov, .edu and their backlinks can give you a great boost in searches.

.edu: Amongst the highest valued backlinks originating from educational institutions.

.gov: Great significant links originating from government institutions

These top level domains backlinks are boosters from SEO perspectives. They have great domain authority. It would give you a better page rank than your competitors if you have links from these sites.

 Black Hat SEO & Link Farming:

Link farming is a false search engine optimization strategy in which a website or a group of websites links to each other with a method of reciprocal linking.

Link sellers (link farmers) would register multiple number of websites with fake names. From those websites they would generate links & then start selling those links to different websites.

“Old McSpammer had a farm, e-i-e-i-oh,
And on that farm he built some links, e-i-e-i-oh
With a backlink here, and a backlink there,
Here a link, there a link,
Everywhere a link, link…” (Willoughboy, S. 2009).

A link farm is a combination of fabricated websites that incorporate links to your website in order to give you a better ranking. The idea is that more links you have from different sites higher your ranking would be in SERP’s. Link farms are fast & convenient form of building highly linked portfolios. Link farming is considered as method of cheating google. (Google, 2015)

Google considers link farming as unsolicited method of achieving higher ranks. Link farming is seen as an approach to spam the indexation of search engines, it has nothing but negative implications across the internet and in this manner are considered to be black hat technique.


Buying and selling of links should be discouraged. We advise you not to interact with the websites that encourage to buy links. Say you have 5 backlinks on your site, you buy links and with one week this number goes up to 200. Google will detect it, your site will not be indexed and your money will go to waste too and you will be penalized with an even lower ranking than before. There are chances that your site will not appear in the search results at all so buying/selling of links should be avoided for a sustainable strategy.




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