Digital Whiz Marketing is owned by a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals. We help companies to grow their brand and business online through digital marketing strategies. We provide solution to your digital marketing requirements and deliver a complete range of digital services.

 The Team!


Raza Butt is a digital marketing & social media professional. Raza has over 12 years experience in sales and marketing. Currently I am upgrading my skills of digital marketing – the future of businesses success.

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Ciara Garvan is an experienced digital marketing and social media professional.

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Naoise Brooke is an experienced digital marketing professional, experienced content writer, an author, a professional editor and a free lance journalist.

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 melMelanie Hoskin, experienced digital marketing professional, a business mentor and trainer. Has worked with sole traders for over 8 years, helping them to develop and grow their businesses through self development and business strategy.

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 Muhammad Bushra is currently a student in digital marketing.

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